News - Foreigners In The UK
Sun, Jun

Arabic-speaking refugees in Germany now have a newspaper that facilitates their integration and addresses their needs and concerns.

Immigrants will soon find themselves fenced out.

Greece is starting the work of building a massive six-mile fence on its border with Turkey in an attempt to keep the illegal immigrants away. The fence will be topped with razor wire.


The International Development Secretary has declared emergency aid in response to alarming food crisis in the Sahel. He has also urged others to step up efforts.


Thousands of people will gather in cities across Europe and the world to mark the UN Anti-Racism Day on 19th March.

A mother is threatening legal action against a teacher who called her black son “a monkey” in front of his classmates.

She was caught on the camera racially abusing passengers on the Central Line on 23 January 2012. After the video surfaced on the You Tube, she has been arrested by the police.


At least 20 people were forced every minute to flee their homes due to persecution, conflict and human rights abuses in 2016, a new report by the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) shows.

On June 20, World Refugee Day, we honour the resilience and courage of more than 65 million people who have been forced to flee war, persecution and violence. But it’s also a moment to recognise those communities and people around the world who receive refugees and the internally displaced in their midst, offering them a safe place, and welcoming them in their schools, their workplaces and their societies.

Singer Lily Allen has apologised "on behalf of my country" after seeing the squalid conditions refugees are languishing in at the Calais camp known as the Jungle.